Voting for the July video is over!

...and after the first round of voting, these were the results.

The Siege of Jerusalem (1099 AD) (Crusades): 9

The Sibylline Books (Rome): 3

The Tribune of the Plebs (Rome): 3

The Rubicon & Pomerium (Rome): 1

Roman Calendar Celebrations (Rome): 0

After the first round of voting, The Siege of Jerusalem wins with 56% of the top choices.  (For anybody (like me) who was interested in who would have come second place, the answer is: the results are pretty much as you see them.  The Rubicon vote had no alternate choices, so even if you eliminate the bottom two choices the results would have remained 9-3-3.)

So, by the end of the month (give or take) I will deliver a video on the Siege of Jerusalem (in the First Crusade.)  I'll be honest: I'm pumped.  The Crusades were one of my first historical passions.  I still have a big ol' pile of books on the Crusades that I haven't got the chance to look at in years, and this will give me the perfect excuse to buy one or two more.  I'm really looking forward to immersing myself in that world again.

Thanks guys, I hope you had fun voting!

- Historia Civilis