Voting Options for March
 Hey, Ali here. Usually at this point in the cycle, I am beavering away crossing I's and dotting t's But this month it's one of my pieces getting the scrutiny, so I get to write update. Yay!

Next voting options are Bestials (which was last up in December), Colleges, and Drugs. If I were one of the dafter members of the company,I'd probably have some kind of pun here about doing Drugs. But I'm not, so I don't

Bestials by Amy

Fast Herbivores are usually very calm mostly and slow to anger, rarely fighting, but once they are ready to fight they can be vicious. 

Horses and goats particularly make good berserkers and goats are quick to anger, making them more likely to fight than similar bestials. The deer and antelope bestials make good rogues and the horses make good scouts - they have been known to do well in the army using these skills. 

Non-Magical Colleges By Loz

Not every college in a fantasy world can be a college of wizardry, so these institutions fill those gaps. They provide information about courses taught, the buildings they operate from, and interesting people associated with them. 

Optional classes, frequently run by alumni who are both willing and able to teach undergraduates, are available. Subjects like business planning for existing or new farms, identifying new crops, and farming across the world are popular recurring options. The course on animal husbandry for magical beasts was cancelled after an accident with a hydra resulted one student dead, eight seriously injured, and a hydra living wild in the nearest river.

Drugs By Loz

A selection of drugs. Each one described where it comes from, who uses it, and what side effects it may have. Each drug has at least two uses - one is mundane or recreational, and another rather more esoteric. 

The primary effect of dragon leaf is a stimulant. Users will find themselves more awake and better able to focus, as well as more confident. If used carefully the effects can be beneficial - users find themselves able to achieve greater results in whatever they were trying to do. The effects last a few hours, but redosing is easy so users can go for days at a time under the influence. The Yinntor Monks would use it to aid prayer and meditation, as well as transcribing holy texts - they considered prayer sessions lasting three or four days to be sacred, and it was sacrilege to start transcribing a holy text and then leave their station before it was done. 

Send us your votes soon, and we'll get whoever on it as quick as they can. Which might not be immediately, because we're also running a Kickstarter this month - but we won't be letting our schedule slip as we've picked some pieces that are closer to complete for this month.