Voyage far and wide, my child.
It was something beyond anything I could control. An inner voice. A deeper truth. It told me I needed to do it. It said that there was no other choice. I couldn't do anything but listen to it.

I traveled. Farther than I had ever gone by myself. Longer than I had ever been away from home, separated from my family, pushed out of my comfort zone. I journeyed through canyons and over mountains. It took me  through enormous forests, trees as tall as skyscrapers, trunks wider than rivers. I saw unbelievable events unfold before my very eyes, stars glittering brighter than the sun, the milky way stretched over the sky like the ocean stretched over the world, so natural but so wide and so, so breathtaking. I journeyed to the sea, watched it swallow the sun, and played in its enormous sand dunes. I bowed before volcanoes, and climbed to the mountain peak and looked over what seemed like the entire world, but was only a fraction of what was truly there.

It was terrifying. It was testing. It was hard and punishing. But oh, how it changed me. How it took my knowledge of the world and turned it on its head. How I knew that I would never be the same afterwards. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned, companionships formed, and lifelong bonds created, and above everything else, my true self was found, and I would listen to that inner voice again in a heartbeat. Though, perhaps this time, I might actually see a country other than my own...