VR Horror Tonight! Upcoming Schedule Update!

Guude and Coe are gonna play some VR tonight while you guys torture us via our lovely assistants, Cone and Necomi!  Don't hold back!  Some example punishments:

 - Air Horn?  Of course!

 - Ew, what did I step on?


Find out all the punishments available at the stream(s) tonight!

Also, here's something weird about the $30 dollar level - you can buy an "egg?"  Huh?  Next Friday, we're going to be painting wooden eggs for an Easter themed Two Bananas stream!  There are twelve available from Guude and twelve from Coe, and when you buy an egg at the $30 level (you still get a scare as well!), you get to suggest how you want Guude or Coe to paint it!

Here's a peek at what's coming up soon from Two Bananas:

4/19/2019 - Painting Easter Eggs for Patrons!

4/26/2019 - UHC w/ Patrons on a NEW SERVER! (Return of Banana Boats?)

5/03/2019 - Cooking w/ Two Bananas!

5/10/2019 - Puzzle Solving Co-op Game Tick Tock w/ Two Bananas!

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