VR VIDEO 0005: FractalRoom Now Available for download!

Google Cardboard Users:

Download to your phone, play it in any media player and slip your phone into your Cardboard. The video is formatted to play perfectly without any special apps!

Oculus/Vive/Gear VR Users: The BEST way to enjoy these vids! Play the file in your favorite VR media player such as Milk VR! The format is 180x180_3DH, which enables you to look around!

Non-VR users: You can still enjoy this video in true 3D!

Step 1: Have it playing on your phone

Step 2: Hold a finger between your face and the screen, and cross your eyes in such a way that the 2 sides of the video come together, but your finger moves apart from its duplicate. The resulting image will be stereo 3D!