vS Data Reaper Report #12

The Vicious Syndicate Team is proud to present the 12th edition of the Data Reaper Report. We are so proud of how the report has developed over the past two months. We would like to thank all those who contribute their game data to the project. This project could not succeed with your support. Your help is appreciated by all of the vS team.

This week our data is based off of over 1,600 contributors and over 58,000 games! In this week's report you will find:

•    Class/Archetype Distribution Over All Games
•    Class/Archetype Distribution "By Rank" Games
•    Class Frequency over previous 11 Weeks
•    Interactive Matchup Win-Rate Chart
•    vS Power Rankings
•    Analysis/Decklists for each Class
•    Meta Breaker of the Week

The full article can be found at: http://data-reaper-report.vicioussyndicate.com

Thank you,
The Vicious Syndicate Team