VW Golf GTI [Friends of FTD]
I take a quick look into a Friends VW Gold GTI before some incredible transformations happen to it.
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
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Hot Hatch
$5 or more per month
You get the satisfaction of funding my passion and goal to bring you entertaining content from the automotive world. But if that's not enough, you'll get a nice little "For The Drive" sticker to put on your car, house, or even your body (though I would recommend against the body).
Sport Coupe
$15 or more per month
On top of the sticker you'll get from "Hot Hatches", you will get a prototype "For The Drive" t-shirt! Also, as always you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling you get from supporting other people's passions.
Sport Saloon
$15 or more per month
I've thrown an alternative into the mix! Don't worry, you'll still get that sticker, but instead of a t-shirt you can have a photoshoot. We will agree a mutual location for a couple of hours for me to take a few photos of your car, come home, edit them, and send them over for you to post all over the internet.
Super Saloon
$25 or more per month
Now we're rolling!! For this very generous amount pledged, You will not only get a photoshoot, but also a video. After agreeing a location, I will spend the morning or afternoon with you and your car, capturing some photos and footage to take home and create a short and personal video of your car for you to keep.
$35 or more per month
You are one crazy mofo! But don't stop! For this insane amount of pledged, you will get everything from the other tiers; T-shirt, a photoshoot, and videoshoot and of course that highly prized sticker! I will keep you updated on the events and projects I'm involved with so you can either come along, or just watch the action from your comfy sofa.
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