W.I.P. Joy Week 1: Intro, Day 3

Day 3: A line that's attention grabbing.

This one was really hard for me. I had no clue what line was attention grabbing, but after skimming through the first four chapters, I picked out a couple of contenders, reread them, got an opinion from Shakyra Dunn (a fellow author), and finally came up with this one!:
“Before you can ask others who they are. You must ask yourself, who you are.”
Rayne had asked another character who she was in the most basic of terms, i.e. name, but the character remained mysterious and directed Rayne’s attention to herself. Rayne is at a state where she is not sure of who she is anymore or what she is doing with her life.
For the longest time I had no idea who I was, but I’m glad that I’ve finally figured that out.