A new sketch, this one of a pony at a local driving show some years ago. I'm told driving (horses) is a ton of fun... Never having tried it myself, I can't comment. 

What I can say, though, is that there is a LOT of upkeep involved with the sport! Not only your horse or pony (or multiple versions thereof if you drive 2-horse, 3-horse, or more, carriages) but the upkeep of the carriages themselves is enormous. They break, chip, lose screws or whathaveyou, the harness must be routinely cleaned and oiled, otherwise it cracks and/or becomes uncomfortable for the horse(s). That isn't good as it can cause injury or even break while in use.

Then you watch your horse(s) run off while you and your guests get to push the carriage home. Lots of laughs, I'm sure.

But on the bright side, it is a nice way to enjoy country dusty, dirt roads I suppose. 

In other news, we just got the first dusting of snow and ice of the season. No sketching outside for me now, thank you very much. No matter, I'm feeling like using my pencil A LOT these days, and have lots to sketch! AND, I'm three/quarters done with the Star Wars B/W set, and even though my cards are very far from perfect, I can't wait to show you my experiment I tried with them. Based on something I tried here, you amazing Patrons are why these particular cards were done. A learning curve it is, but that is the whole point of Drawn and Divided. 

Lastly, I'm a bit late in editing the latest video. I hope to have it finished before the weekend, and it will, as usual, be for Patrons first! 

Do I have all you permissions to include your names in any/all thank-you's?