Wait and See What Tomorrow Brings.
Tonight, my friend Cristina scored a pair of last-minute tickets to tonight's Tragically Hip show and invited me as a belated birthday present. So I got to see them one final time and say goodbye to Gord Downie, which means more than I could ever say (for those not in the know, Gord was diagnosed a few months back with inoperable, terminal brain cancer, and he and the band decided to deal with it by doing one last tour).

Wanna hear a Tragically Hip story?

I came home from the University of Prince Edward Island one afternoon in the spring of ’88 or ’89, with an order of takeout fries. Checked my mail, and there was a letter from my friend Lisa, who’d recently moved to Toronto. So I sat down at 5:00 with my fries, her letter, and a show called Video Hits on CBC, which was what you watched if you didn’t have MuchMusic and/or cable, but still wanted to see music videos. I was reading the part where the letter said "I saw this band you'd love, the Tragically Hip", just as the host, Samantha Taylor (no relation), said "Tragically Hip" in perfect unison as she introduced the video for “Smalltown Bringdown”. At first I thought maybe I was hallucinating. I bought their first EP that night, but I’ve been a fan ever since that moment with the letter and the video.

Wanna hear another Tragically Hip story?

My roommate Gerry bought the Day for Night album one Saturday morning in the spring of 1994, and brought it home. We drank whiskey all damn day, and just played the album again and again and again. People kept dropping by to visit during the process, and my memories of the day are all time-warped, slooooowed down, jumbled. Glorious day.

One more Tragically Hip story, then:

When they released World Container in 2006, the band had been together for 20 years, so they did a fanclub-only tour of smaller venues than their usual hockey stadiums. I got tickets for my buddy George and I to the November 6 gig at the Commodore. The night of the show, he and his wife Lori had a prenatal class, so I met them outside the hospital, we said goodnight to Lori, and I made a beeline for the bar with George. We got inside and hit the top of the stairs exactly as the band kicked into the first song (more synchronicity).

This evening they even played "Wheat Kings", which along with “Fiddler’s Green” has been a bucket-list Hip song of mine for years and years.

Tonight my heart sings.

(Big shoutouts to Lisa Ferguson, Gerry Fougere, George Smeltzer, Lori Kittelberg, and Cristina Weir.)
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