WAIT! This is very important IF you plan to refill your PRO 1 PGI 29 Carts
I just thought of something I need to pass on to you all!

Normally I suggest that if you are manually resetting and refilling your CANON or EPSON cartridges, that you should have two full set always available.

Then when one goes empty or low, you swop the whole set for a reset and filled set.

That will always greatly reduce the number of ink purges that normally take place after EACH cart swop.

BUT... that does not apply to the current state of the CANON PRO-1!

WE can not manually reset the original chips!!!

We are forced to use Single Use Chips which cost you $3 each

You really do not want to use a chip only half way just because another color has reached empty.

So my advice is to still have two full sets at the ready.

One set in the printer.

One set at the ready, so When on cart goes empty, you can immediately replace it with a freshly re chipped and refilled one.

Then at your leisure. you can top off and re chip that empty one.

Do not try to do the complete process while leaving the cart slot open and exposed to the air!!!!

Remove the empty and immediately insert the full one.

I will have these cart sets available for sale pre machined and preloaded with single use chips.