Wait, What? Ep. 225 is live!

Hey, everyone: Jeff here (and man the Patreon behind-the-scenes since the last time I wrote one of these!) to let you know Wait, What? Ep. 225 is live and available for your ears' delectation.

This one was recorded just an hour after we learned of Rich Buckler's death so we spend a bit of time on the talented artist and creator's career.  Some of you may recall I was a huge fan of his Deathlok, but Graeme has some good things to say about his DC work. RIP, Mr. Buckler.

We also try to puzzle out what's going on with Marvel (when aren't we?), discuss who might be returning during Marvel Legacy, a brief discussion of the awesomeness of Margaret Millar, the unlikely transcendence of Chris Claremont, the return of Twin Peaks, and comics ranging from the latest X-O Man of War series, the first issues of America and Darth Maul, old issues of the Brave and the Bold, that crazy-sounding Vampirella series by Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton, and (of course!) much, much more!

Check out the podcast, check out the show notes, and check out our upcoming skip week, our monthly chance to let you catch up on episodes and prepare for another round of comic book talk to come!