Lately I have been out and about in Colchester, taking photos of ordinary people from all walks of life as they go about shopping, meeting friends and other such stuff. The theme of my street photography at the moment  is that of 'Walks of Life'. It was inspired by a sculpture recently placed on the high street that is called "Walking Woman". Also, Colchester has a few streets with the  word 'walk' in them. This photo was taken in Lion Walk (thankfully no lions!) so although the two subjects are sitting I felt it fitted the theme as we often refer to people 'from all walks of life' to indicate just about anybody.

I was going to convert the image to black & white as I prefer that normally for street photography. However, I thought I would try out my own preset in Lightroom for a HDR effect. I am not a fan of those extreme HDR images you often see on the web but I think my has the right balance between HDR and looking 'normal' or as we naturally perceive the world around us.