So I'm waiting to fall asleep... Which is cute in that "hah you re funny Hannah you don't sleep," kind of way. But in all honesty I want to go to sleep. So I can wake up in the morning do a little happy dance grab the #pigcowshark hug my mom and get the hell out of dodge... I feel like I hit a reset button on the whole RV life. That's probably what happens when you run into a nutrition store, like falling into a pit in super Mario Bro, you lose a life and have to go to the last flagpole you reached. Except my flagpole seems to be St. Louis and I'm real tired of it. It's been a week full of crazy busy work (woo I can feed Aja) nervous breakdowns in which I question if I really am an artist, or a particularly idiotic girl named Hannah and last minute get togethers and heart to hearts with friends. I love my friends, I don't have too many of them because either I drive people nuts or they make me feel like I'm more nuts, or a little of both. These are the people that can talk about everything and nothing, understand my habit of losing my train of thought, and always seem to be making me eat, because in all likelihood I forgot to eat. So this post started as a I'm waiting to sleep because I want to get out but it's ending on this note, I love my people, you know who you are. You have supported and loved me every minute of the last crazy couple of years where I have upended my life on multiple occasions to follow an odd path. A path least traveled but oddly enough the exact technicolor choas that I'm supposed to be on. I make big mistakes but I bring big laughs with it... And who is else is this damn adorable when she does it? The Winnie, Aja and I are off to have adventures again. Beep Beep