Waiting for the Bitcoin Blockchain wars..
USPTO 13/573,002 The Heart Beacon Cycle Time Space Meter -- waiting for the Bitcoin Blockchain wars to begin...

Bitcoin blockchain blocks, agents, motes, bots,  heartbeat, beacon are metaphors for intervals, time cycles available to process / not process SYNTAX. The internet is coded, programmed using    time cycles  to process instructions, commands etc. It follows that the key to achieving consistency, interoperability among myriad memes and establishing a consistent, systemic one world economic system of systems is to focus on two main common building blocks -- time cycles and syntax. USPTO applications leading up to 13/573,002 establish these facts in my opinion.
Computer ASIC chips create time cycles to process syntax as instructions - period. See Supreme Court Alice Corp Vs CLS Bank "a     claim may not be directed towards an abstract idea". Alice Corp Vs CLS Bank would be turning internet and internet of  money patent claims upside down -- if industry started taking this precedent seriously which probably won't happen until the  Bitcoin Blockchain wars begin -- in my opinion. Until then, you may want to be thinking about what physical meme you will select  given physical is the opposite of abstract. Then again, the first filed physical meme isn't as important as the most useful.  The meme should have a clock convention as well as a method and means to measure and meter the Bitcoin Blockchain and therefore,  survey points are necessary since the IRS has stated that Bitcoin is "akin to property" IRS memo  #1421
Syntax may be represented by <XML> {"JSON"or form fields ''FFIRN's", "FFUDNS" in structured military messaging where the form number and field position  has significance in parsing, processing. The idea is to reuse the logic behind structured military messaging  form field unit identifiers in commercial use cases.  A method to convert  syntax conventions among the myriad metaphors and memes -- a Rosetta Stone syntax lexicon library is needed.
Cyclic updates of state meta data snapshots / heartbeat messages from micro-to macro (economic) cycles distributed among a system of systems is simply powerful and is key to forming the net Grail. The military adopted the policy of only sending changes or "heartbeat sync deltas" for the same reason the Bitcoin community must adopt the same paradigm. Sending the changes, not the entire document or the "sync delta's" in military parlance conserves bandwidth and increases throughput. The military relies on "heartbeat"         messages as do stock exchanges -- I.e., FIX ("108") heartbeat messages, First response, time sync systems etc, etc.  The Internet is based on time cycles and (computer) syntax parsed / processed or not during finite time cycles. It requires a  syntax library lexicon -- a Rosetta Stone if you will. 

LINK: http://sawconcepts.com/index/id4.html

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