Wake of Inferno Rework
Initially I thought Wake of Inferno would eventually need to be turned into a brand new skill because of the inability to modify it in any fun or interesting way. However yesterday I discovered a way I could make it shoot a cone of fire instead of firing in a single line. This gives it some desperately needed area of effect. This also give it a nice damage boost on bosses who can easily be hit by all three beams.

The skill will also now have a fixed firing range meaning the skill will have much more starting range then before, but a more reduced range later on to balance out the gain in AoE. It will now also channel the beam for longer initially and continue to improve via the Wake of Fire synergy. This channel time synergy has always been in the game but was never mentioned in the skill description so I've also added that detail for players. Lastly, the damage calculations have been improved so that the listed damage is more accurate to the dealt damage.

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