Wakey wakey... Animal style

We've had an amazing weather this spring. Usually you'd expect to have about +15 Degrees, but now we've been having +20 - + 28. The Finns have crawled out of their caves and are mesmerized by the sun. Lots of burnt skin (we tend to be on the pale side), and smiling people. Sun tends to do that to us. 

Well, as a result of this surprise early summer, it is quite hot indoors. So we also sleep with our balcony door open so we won't boil in our bed. A delightful breeze keeps the temperatures tolerable. 

The thing is our house is next to a forest. And in a forest there are nesting birds. One of happens to be a blackbird who is very proud of his singing skills. And there's no doubt about it he is good at it. It has been delightful to listen to him in the evenings - all those flute-like trills and chirps. A real opera singer of the bird world.

So what's the problem? Well, this particular opera singer decided to start singing at 3 AM this morning. Yes. At three o'clock. It was still dark, and we should have been fast asleep. But I tell you that if a blackbird sings only a few meters away from your balcony, you don't sleep. I don't know was he trying to impress the other birds or his Mrs, or was he just plain gaga. Maybe someone had fed him coffee beans. Whatever the case, there he was, singing in the middle of the night.

First I listened to the master singer and smiled in my sleep. "How beautiful," I thought and kept my eyes closed.

After a few more arias I opened your eyes. "Ok, thank you, enough already!" I thought.

I put the pillow over my head in the hopes it would muffle the music.

The bird continues. The world would be wonderfully quiet if the darned bird wasn't there. Which won't stop singing - and in fact tries new variations to a theme.

After an hour, despite of being a nature lover, I am ready to commit murder.  By the time I have gone through in my mind all the things near the bed I could throw, the bird suddenly shuts up. After an hour of singing.

Ahh. Bliss. 

For a minute. 

Then a cat who has noticed from my breathing that I am wide awake, considers it an opportune moment for breakfast. And stars walking all over me, purring loudly. Especially effective is walking over the bladder. Yes, cats do know what makes their servants get  up and out of the bed and most likely give them something to eat in the hopes of returning to bed and try to sleep some more. The bathroom being in the general direction of the kitchen. If the servant tries to turn towards the bedroom after visiting the bathroom, the cat knows how to rope around the ankles to make the servant fall in the direction of the fridge.

Bravely I pretend I am are asleep. After half an hour the cat gives up, but stays sitting next to my pillow. Staring at me. I can feel the stare. So I try to breathe deep, and not move so the feline in question would believe I am asleep.

I begin to feel uncomfortable. I try to remain still. But no - I just have to turn. 

Aha! I am awake. The cat begins to walk all over me again.

Eventually I give up, get up, feed the cats (yes, two of them), come back to bed and stare at the alarm clock. I fall asleep five minutes before it rings.  

I bet today my writing today will be quite interesting, as I need cups... no, mugs... no, vats of coffee to survive the day. An overdose of caffeine will make nervous protagonists. And lack of if will make plenty of spelling mistakes when my forehead hits the keyboard.

Ah, I love spring...

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 31 exclusive posts