Waking Up to Surprises
Upon her return from work this morning, my wife awoke me with the news that she had arranged for me to take money to someone not too far distant to acquire a gadget she considered essential to our yard maintenance.  Since my allergies prevent me from doing much yard maintenance, I don't usually argue with her on that, but it did put a hole in my day and got me on a late start.  I am still hoping that I will have enough "steam" left to finish that promised web log post for tomorrow.

At least it's not so bad as Bob Slade's rude awakening in For Better or Verse; Chapter 65, Slade 70.

I am within half a dozen short chapters of completing Spy Verses, and have reached somewhere near the middle (difficult to assess, of course, since it's not quite finished) on the read-through edit.  I'm also continuing to prep chapters of this one for publication, and have a good lead on that.