Today I took a walk with two of my co-residents. It’s the 3-year anniversary of my dad’s death, and I let everyone know that I was feeling kind of low over this.

Everyone responded so kindly. It’s been really refreshing and supportive. The walk lasted for a couple hours and we found a lovely little glen full of quiet surprises.

Then another person here, who knows that I love pesto, offered to cook me dinner: spaghetti with pesto. She also made me a cup of rooibos tea. She brought it with her from South Africa, and I can taste the difference. It’s such a special flavor!

Now I’m winding down and plotting out my contribution to the residency anthology. The theme is “change.” Perfect. I’ll have a 2-page spread and I can do color or black and white. And I’ll probably have to go with B&W but I MIGHT be able to do some color work using the residency computer, scanner, and if my co-residents are feeling generous as they have been, maybe one will let me borrow their tablet for a moment. Just to add some flats.