The Walk-In Closet Musical launch 2017

Walk-In Closet ¤ The Musical ¤ Synopsis

An urban cafe owner is den mother to a gang of mystical misfits. When tragedy strikes, this “army of love” makes her whole again. It takes a Village…Café!

Katy is the proprietor of the Walk-In Closet café. She’s strong and independent. Katy takes in a young artist/poet and illegal immigrant from Russia named Lolita, giving her a job and lodging.  Montage is an internationally (but not in USA) renowned conjuror/magician. He’s decided to settle in NYC to “disappear” and take a break from performing. He finds solace in the community that frequents the café…and…it’s love-at-first-sight between him and Katy.

Jerry is a florist/horticulturist with a strong feminine side and Sherry is a body-builder and corporate banker with a strong masculine side. They are our secondary couple. Everyone assumes they are gay and that their relationship is one of convenience as neither one is out. When Jerry wants to consummate the relationship Sherry puts him off telling him he is ”in the closet” and they split up. Jerry is dumbfounded. He’s not attracted to men or to other women. He’s only in love with Sherry. He’s a “Sherriosexual”!

Throughout the story our street philosophers, Ziggy (Jamaican) and Carlos (from India), interject their philosophical/psychological perspective (ala Shakespearean “choric” characters). Their cultural knowledge and acceptance of the supernatural will come in handy as the story develops.

Lolita brings a bit of Russian culture to the café hosting a traditional Russian event where women look into a “prepared” bowl of water to find their true love. After the event Katy is gleefully cleaning up the café when she inadvertently lets in an intruder who attacks her. The emotional impact splits her into two separate personalities. It’s a figurative and literal loss of spirit. All that is positive & safe in Katy manifests itself into an ethereal being, Catarina. Katy then rejects Montage. He is bewildered thinking he has caused this change of heart.

Heartbroken and aimless and looking for redemption, Montage begins to recognize an innate magical talent in Lolita and takes her under his wing to mentor her. He has an extensive library of grimoires (spell books) and knows how to utilize them. Katy sees their relationship developing under her nose and thinks they are romantically involved which only deepens her wounds.

Montage, Lolita, Ziggy, Carlos, Sherry and Jerry figure out what’s happened to Katy and that if the “silver cord”* that binds Catarina & Katy is severed Katy could die. They each use their unique talents to make her whole again. 

Katy and Montage are brought back together romantically as well as Sherry and Jerry. Lolita has found her true calling in magic and Carlos and Ziggy run off to join the circus. 

*The silver cord  in metaphysical studies and literature, also known as the sutratma or life  thread of the antahkarana, refers to a life-giving linkage from the higher self (atma) down to the  physical body. The term is derived from Ecclesiastes 12:6-7 in the Jewish Bible or Christian Old Testament.

¤ Book,  Lyrics & Music ¤ Teddy Zambetti & Vita Polishchuk ¤

©  2017 Z Sauce Music, LLC ASCAP