Walk With Me: Flight Club (Episode 2)

I've been walking. A lot. So I decided to take you with me. This one ended up being about butterflies.  And being enough. And some other stuff.

Opening Song: Walk With Me, Goldstar

Piano Underscore: Buddha Eyes, Ben Wisch

Featured Song: Set Your Sail, Future of Forestry

Further Viewing: Flight of the Butterflies. A few years ago my wife surprised me by taking me down to the IMAX Theatre at the Smithsonian to see this. Stunning. 


Further Reading: Flight Behavior, Barbara Kingsolver. Not the best book she's ever written. For that, read The Poisonwood Bible, one of my favorite books of all time. But a second-tier Barbara Kingsolver book is pretty much equal to a crowning achievement for other, more mortal writers. 

Photos: Top: Wing, Tandy Gustin. Below #1, World Wildlife Magazine. Below #2, Frans Lanting Mint Images/Newscom            

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