The Walking Dead Season 7 Premeire had me (Warning Spoilers)
by Abbs Hotsmiles

“The Breaking Point”

Please be prepared for spoilers!! If you have not watched, stop reading in 5...4...3...2...1…

The start of this episode- the emotion of what has transpired. Ware brought to grips that one of our cast members will be no more, going down the line seeing the faces and the tears you're not ready to see, nor shed.

Seeing the talk between Negen and Rick, and what could be going through his mind, as he tells him “not today but, someday, I will kill you”. This is the starting of the breaking- seeing him dragged away, we are left to wonder what is next. Rick still has his determination, and yet he still has no idea what is to come. As Rick is playing through all of the characters, while lucid and watching their memories: you feel mad angry, and sad, you don't want to see this.

The whole “go get my ax” is the beginning of the end, where he starts to realize he has no choices but, he continues to fight- Rick is confused, yet still driven, as he has his group and his family in mind. Even once on top of the RV he battles this mind-set; “what is happening?” “What could happen?” He lays there, remembers, and then is forced to find his strength- “get up Rick,” he is reminded by Negen, and the inine minny minnie moe, is played again. Rick is deep in emotion- I find this part extremely hard to watch. I can't hold the emotion, watching the reaction of the others, “WACK!” Abraham returns to his knees, “suck my nuts,” the last time Abraham will grace us with his one-liners, and then “WACK, WACK, WACK, AND WACK.” Is it done? NO. Negen continues to show pride in his attack. Daryl couldn’t take it, and goes after Negen, and punches him: I am happy, and then frightened to death that he will die. Negen doesn't, but he is still not done. He needs you to know he has glen at his back, “WACK” again- GLEN. I know I should've expected this but, I am not prepared. Glen speaks his last words to Maggie, Negen finishes Glenn, and everyone is crying. Glenn is left wiggling his hands, then Negen stumbles, and gives us his new one liner “she is a vampire.” Rick opens his eyes- Negen reminds “they don't all have to die”.

“Get me my axe.” Running from gunfire, Rick jumps on a walker and starts to decapitate it. Why is Negen helping him? Because, he needs to show the others he can break their leader. Seeing each cast member getting whacked drives Rick to get that axe, he knows he has to save his people. He brings it back to Negen- Negen cleans it, and gives it to Rick: saying that he will need it.

I was also not ready for what followed, Rick was put to his knees in front of his group. Negen still does not believe Rick has learned, he then tells Rick to “cut off Carl's hand”, Rick then pleads with Negen. I can't watch this, I close my eyes, then Negen stops him right before he does the deed. He makes Rick repeat to him, “you are mine, you listen to me”. All the cast are weeping. Negan says he will be back in a week. Maggie stumbles to her feet and lets the group know we need to fight, they convince her to go get help, and they will go back to Alexander.

This was a very hard episode for me to watch. I am left with tears, anger, and determination to get back at Negen! I want Maggie to become the leader, she found strength after all was taken, I have to look up to her now. Daryl was taken with Negen’s people, and was threatened to be cut up if they didn't give Negan what he wanted.

How will this change the group how can they go on after this? I cried a few times but, I was not done because after this episode we had to watch “The Talking Dead”.

Please continue with me on my part 2 of this review, as we talk over about the cast, there reactions, and all of our emotions and thoughts about this episode.

- Abbs Out