Walking The Walk

Or 5 Reasons To Support Me On Patreon 

First I want to say a SUPER huge thank you to the people who currently support me on Patreon. You deserve all of my gratitude for making these creative endeavors happen. BLESSINGS UPON YOU!

Frankly, I'm the worst salesperson in the world. Asking people for money has always carried a stigma of weakness for me, so all of this self-promotion is difficult but I have decided to dispel that reserve and humility for a two-week period, twice a year, so I can meet my creative goals and bring something great into the world. In that light, please forgive any hubris in the following ;)

There are certainly more than 5 reasons to support the Arts but I don't want you to be reading all night. So first, I will start with the most direct appeal...

1. I Need Your Support

I have spent all of my career since 1994, trying to support my creative goals and that road has been a failure. The problem is the boss. Even if you have a job that sharpens your creative saw, your boss doesn't support your goals and as the saying goes, "It's difficult to serve two masters." You have to be young and unattached to hope to succeed that grind and I am neither of those.

The beauty of the Patreon model is the boss, or bosses in this case, are all lined up behind the same objectives. The more Patreon support I can muster the more time I can devote to creating comic books. Also having more people in my brain trust means better comic book stories. In economic terms, the incentives are lined up for a great outcome.

2. You Need The Arts

Before you say that comic book art doesn't really constitute "The Arts," I will remind you that more people read comic books and graphic novels than anything else, so it's a VERY influential art form. Comic books are entertaining and we all need a little respite from hard days. Well-written comic books inspire, comfort and educate in a way that stays with people their whole lives. You should support the things you like AND you should also support the things everyone need. 

3. Treat Yourself

If pure self-indulgence gets you, there is plenty of that if you like comic books or enjoy watching the creative process. I release lots of 5 to 10 minute "speed-paints" with musical accompaniment that are both fascinating and entertaining. There is lots of artwork, released monthly to patrons including Patreon exclusive mini-comics with short entertaining side stories that compliment the various comic book stories I'm working on. 

It's understood that you are a Good Samaritan for supporting art on Patreon but it's OK to do it for the rewards you get also ;)

4. Self-Improvement

If you are an artist, or have aspirations to be an artist, you will be well-rewarded for your support. Every month you get to see at least one complete Photoshop file with a video that I walk through the entire process from start to finish -- a great tutorial for artists. I am documenting the entire process on Patreon of creating a comic book from inception to print and all the nuance in-between. A valuable resource if you're into that kind of thing.

5. Entertainment

Being involved in a Patreon community is a nice form of entertainment for many people. The weekly chats and the monthly brainstorm conference calls are a unique way to meet people and participate in the creative process. I, for one, love watching speed-paints where every stroke of an artist is sped up into a 5 to 10 minute video and you can watch the artwork unfold before your eyes from nothing. For lots of people, getting pre-release comics and artwork before everyone else is super exciting and a special affair.


I know I said 5, but I forgot one really important reason. I hope this isn't too shameless, but you'll also be doing a good thing for your friend, coworker, family-member, fellow-artist, cartoonist. etc.  

With all of the above said, I don't want anyone to extend themselves beyond their means. If you can only lend moral support, than please do only that by going to my Patreon page and just follow instead of pledging so I can at least keep in touch with news updates. I want you to just enjoy what I create and no contribution is required for that, but if you can afford to contribute - even just a dollar a month - its greatly appreciated.  

Satis sum et dignus.