Walking with George Buckenham (@v21)
I'm doing a lot of the walks in one group now, hoping to catch decent weather, and also so I can fit it around other work. I'll be writing Kerry's talk next week and delivering it on Monday 24th (tickets: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/videobrains-august-show-and-tell-tickets-17917897915). But before that, I'm walking with Ed Key in Cumbria next Friday, and on Thursday this week I went for a walk with George Buckenham (see photos!)

George lives in a big bit of brutalist-era ex-council housing flats in East London. He grew up in the suburbs of London, in New Malden. For the walk we did together we decided that we would walk from where he lives now (Stepney Green) to leafy New Malden, without once looking at a map.

It turns out we're a) very good at directing ourselves, however b) my legs still aren't up to much after the Ironman, so we made it as far as Battersea, and then hopped on a train to finish up in New Malden, lest I passed out.

You can train our route via the Strava data, if you're interested.


Interestingly, although I'm not going into the walks with pre-made ideas about what they're about, by the end, I've always got a thread I know will become the heart of the talk. This time, it's clear that the landscape of the community George is a part of is big for him, so that'll make it in, I think.

Also we got very, very rained on. One of the photos is a mid-walk sock change. Mightily necessary.

The video of my Holly talk will be up soon, and I'll share that along with the RPS article about it.

Finally, *party popper emoji* THE WINNER OF THIS WALK'S BONUS BACKER PRIZE IS CAI WINGFIELD! Cai I'll be in contact to post you a surprise... 

Thank you, as ever, for you support. The Patreon money was the difference between me paying my rent and not this month. On average the talks will probably have worked out to cost 5 days of my time and around £150-200 each in travel, costs, and transcription (around £1200 if you were to cost my time). I'm doing this because I'm deeply interested in it, because I enjoy it, and also because it's a great challenge to add to the inventiveness around the critical discourse around games, but I also need to pay rent and eat, in the context of that, you made the difference last week. Thank you.

Big love,