Wall of Awesome Updated, and Why no Comic Yet
Hey, theWall of Awesome is updated! Check out the new names and portrait!

Actually, it was updated over a week ago, but I'm just now posting about it. As always, if your name is missing, or you'd like to changed/removed, please let me know. Despite best efforts, I am not perfect - and recognizing all you awesome folks the way you want to be recognized is much more important to me.

Speaking of imperfection, I am so sorry about the delay with the next comic page. While absorbed in inking, I didn't realize I was bending my wrist at an odd angle - until it started hurting. Made a judgement call and gave my wrist a 24 hour rest period. ("Don't be a hero, Ellen. Nobody wins if you try to push past the pain and get carpel tunnel.")  It's feeling a lot better now, and the next page will now definitely be ready in time for Saturday's update.

Also, guess what? We've made past the halfway point of the week - only two more days until the weekend! If you think you're not going to make it, remember you're amazing and can do anything!