Ok to kick off trying to get more subscribers i've added an old suprise wallpaper i've done in the past. I'll try getting once  a week one of these for paid subscribers even monthly ones! :) 

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Right now i'm about to head into sony vegas to edit a promotional video er... rather a DORKY video of our trip out to the putt-putt range in Mosgiel.  We kinda preferred as a family NOT to keep the audio running, so i'll be mishing and mashing it up with production quality free/royalty free music. 

I'll probably do a bunch of re-posting so people can see some of the old stuff i've posted before on last year.

Also - If you check out http://www.fenixfiredesigns.net you'll see a GOOD load of nothing other than the supernatural tshirts.  Feel free to wait in line while i get all my photos sorted and product descriptions.