HELLO EVERYONE!!! I'm super excited because we finally got over $200 on Patreon! Thank you sooooooo much for all your support and kindness, I never thought I'd make it this far, thank you! ;v;)))

I had a goal that if I hit $200/month then I'll make wallpapers! I'll start making wallpapers (either for desktop or phone, depending what I feel like) for the $3+ tier starting next month, but to start this one off I decided to post these older images I drew from when I was playing on a Julian RP blog, for everyone. They're "selfies" (2 extra pics not posted in the preview image are included in the zip file but they're not exciting LOL) so I actually drew them, like, phone screen size so if anyone interested to use them for their phone, here they are!

If you like this preview image, I have a print of it for sale here~~~ ;)

Thanks so much!!! ILU!!! XOXO 💘😭😭😭💘