Walt Whitman's Patients

A little tour from Walt Whitman's daily visits in D.C. hospitals, and a rummage through the pages of his notebook...  

<< The old fellow | The heart of the stranger >> 

SOURCE TEXT = Walt Whitman: Memoranda During the War (1875-76) 

Oh my dears, my dears -- What is a cartoonist to do?   
These notebooks won't let me go...

Here, I'm on image 15 of the TBH Collection's "Washington Hospital Notebook" --
Read on, the stories never stop -- Here's one: 

Incredible! You can't make this stuff up!   
(Although "Bill James" may have...)  
So do I go back and draw this in? How could I resist...?
No, too late! Too late! ~
But maybe I can fit it into Volume 3 somewhere... 

Or this one -- so sad, so lonely -- such care:

And wait a second -- This one caught my eye: 

I recognize that fellow from another note, supplying a few more details from the case: 

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