Obscura Creaturae: Wandering Idols
We find a lot of unusual idols and trinkets on our travels; at the troll market, the fairy agora and sometimes even the orge emporium (if it's not human hunting season obviously).

But sometimes they find us... This idol has been watching us for sometime desperate to get in to our hands, maybe it wants to be safe? or maybe it needs us for some devilish purpose.. who knows? I think I remember some chap writing about a sinister octopus elder god, but I'm just that's just a coincidence.

Oh, a notable point...  when I touched it, I was confronted with a vivid ephemeral vision for the destruction of our world through tentacles and fire, but that happens when you touch 9 out of 10 things on our dresser table.. powerless incorporeal entities can are so overdramatic. 

Until next time, we remain your unghostly living things

Tom & Emily