Want to thank these awesome supporters
Hey gang! Matty here. I’ve been constantly thinking about riding my bike, I can’t seem to stop finally one thing that has stuck out to me more than anything I’ve ever wanted to do. When we first got on our starter bikes I would’ve never thought I’d be looking into doing Ironman or any other type of Triathlons. We just thought it was good fun and great exercise and each day I’ve reach for further distances and more strengthening rides.

Over the years we’ve gone above and beyond for tons of people and companies to help with all sorts of things, now it’s time we do something that we enjoy and want to do and of course the support is very very low. The more and more we ride the more we want to and the less we have any interest in things outside of it. Daily I watch films and documentaries on cycling/triathlons etc for more knowledge, and of course our friends and family at Bikes and Life (formerly known as Giant of Scottsdale) have been there through it all to assist in every way they can.

I’ve reached the point now that I’m ready to put all on the line focus on cycling/mountain biking and other related sports to Triathlon/Bikes/Snowboarding. I’ve even gotten to the point that I’m willing to part with our toy collection, coin collection, movie collection; you name it. So yes if it means I need to sell all of our collections to get what is needed to move forward then that’s what we will do. We’re amazed in the people that have came along to support and show interest and completely blown away that almost none of them are people we’ve helped and supported over the years, actually only 4 of them are people who we’ve known and supported over the years. Seeing this has opened our eyes to a lot and has made us look at everything that we can shutdown and do without in our lives to further moving forward in this new passion.

Today starts a new day that nothing on Earth will slow us from pushing above and beyond to go head on into cycling more and everything else less. Fist thing on the list is to get our road bikes, then finish our gym with the bike tools and equipment, then more riding clothes, then bike racks for car, woot; game on.

For those that want to support, become a Patron with $1 a month or $5 a month; and if youre more into what we’re doing in the Game world while we also talk about cycling and life become a Subscriber to our Twitch. #Hugsandloves to the following people for the support.

  • Annika Blaine (Twitch Subscriber and Patreon Starter Level)
  • BalZar Harry (Patreon Supporter Level)
  • Brandan Cole aka Huskki96 (Patreon Supporter Level)
  • Suzi Young (Patreon Starter Level)
  • Cathiesousa (Top Level Twitch Subscriber 29 a month)
  • MrMojo20 (Twitch Subscriber)
  • Deathsavior84 (Twitch Subscriber)
  •  PynaplGiraffe  (Twitch Subscriber)
  • Everyone at Bikes And Life

The list above are our supporters and we cant thank them enough.