Want to write with us ?
We’ll decide on the first line of our book very soon !

Here are the entries that we have received so far:

  1. Now that he has given up the yelling, they sometimes take him to the garden. 
  2. He was shaking by the first word, he wasn’t surprised though, this was what happened when he agreed to do something new. 
  3. He shut his eyes as her voice sang out inside his head, drowning out all the noise, “The raindrops speak the tongue of the half-hearted, fear the fall of the half-loved…” 
  4. He wants a lot of things he can’t vocalise, things that are big, huge and he has no idea if anyone else wants them too. 
  5. She kept staring at the crack in the wood of her bedroom door; Things weren’t going to change, 3:12 a.m. (anonymous) 
  6. She looked at the crack in the door frequently. Sometimes when she woke up in the middle of the night, the crack looked like a profile of a face. The crack was easy to see because she leaves on the lamp on the nightstand by her bed. 

What sentence would you like to be the first sentence of this book ? 
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We are Wri†ers, xx