Wanted to say Thanks!

Hey there Zakhcolytes!

I wanted to send everyone a thank you for all your direct support here on Patreon. As you may or may not know, YouTube has been having problems with advertisers and not only was April the first month I was unpartnered from Maker, it was also a month of ad revenue problems. It dropped about 30-40% compared to the previous month.

Because of you who have so generously supported me here on Patreon, the hit from the loss of ad revenue won't quite be as painful and I want to tell you how grateful I am.

I hope my efforts to increase quality and type of content for the channel on YouTube and Twitch are to your liking and that you're continuing to enjoy the videos. I'm always open to feedback and suggestions though as I love listening to the community and discussing things.

Finally, protip just in case it'll save you, it's Mother's day today! If you're all good, awesome, but if you forgot something hopefully this reminder keeps you out of trouble.

That's it for now! Thank you again and remember, if you ever want to send me a message you can catch me on Discord, Twitter, or Facebook. I do reply to messages every day.

Take care!