WANTED: True Colors

  Color me a President. I challenge you to tell me something positive. 

I have been around enough years to know that everything spins when it comes to politics. Getting an accurate account from either side of a political issue is sketchy at best. Moderate to extreme conspiracy theories become the media of the day. The truth usually lies somewhere in the eraser dust between the lines. 

I am a U.S Citizen and Artist with great respect for the Office of our President. Bombarded with copious accounts of the repugnant nature of our President-Elect one is lead to believe he has no concept of what it means to be of service to anyone other than himself. 

This leaves me with the feeling that our only hope in the years to come is centered around the belief that he will suddenly dedicate his existence to the persistent pursuit of what it means to be of service to something greater than himself. I am truly hard-pressed, given the information available and the behavior I have seen, to even consider that this is a man who can even conceive of the possibility that there IS anything greater than Himself.  

In the stages of child development we witness a phase in which the child begins to see that he is not the center of the universe. He comes to understand that there is a greater world around him which runs separately from his whims and desires. Etched on my brain are the many performance which demonstrate that our President-Elect has not yet reached this phase of development and it leaves me wondering what kind of people…and how there could be so many…who would choose to endow This Person with the powers previously bestowed upon the once known as “Leader of the Free World”. I find myself wishing he was more like the Childlike Empress and less like brat boy #5 with the giant technicolor spiral lollipop and short pants stomping his foot as the parade goes ahead without him. 

The GOOD news…his unprofessional behavior, (a.k.a. Behavior unbecoming an officer otherwise known as our Commander in Chief) on Twitter  and numerous other places recorded on camera reminds us of what he really thinks of the important issues. More importantly, it points out his definition of “important issues”. 

These very public examples of his lack of regard for others gives our system of checks and balances (the public voice) an opportunity to take steps to balance any actions he may take as the result of his apparent impulses and self-serving opinions. The BAD news…that red button access thing...among others.  Anyone who is concerned about how his childish and “racist, misogynistic, self-serving, corporate-serving” behavior will translate into political relations (or the lack there of) is justified in being worried. 

America is already great because we can voice these concerns. The current spin would have us believe he intends to change all that by using any means necessary to remove that power from the People. In that spin, the people who voted for him still cannot see it. 

His intrinsic deliberate determination to remain oblivious to anything which does not benefit or touch his life personally is astounding. As the leader of our Country; do we dare hope that this narrow focus will translate to a sudden shift in which he will attend ONLY to that which benefits Our Nation and the World in a similar manner? 

IF he is capable of treating Our Nation and the World with the esteem and regard he has, up to now, reserved for his own interests; We Are Golden. No worries. I am conditioned to believe that there MUST be another side to this story. 

Have my eyes deceived me? Have I been brain-washed by anti-Trump dogma? In spite of my best efforts to explore a broad spectrum of resources; did I accidentally lock in to all the Anti-Trump Cookies and now that is the only information I receive? ...But, really he is out in the world doing great things for other people?

My nagging- and -somewhat- jaded logic forces me to hesitate to go there. Can we possibly be missing some quality not available in any of the video footage available from his long tenure in front of the camera? 

The Commander in Chief is a civilian, not an officer bound by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. However, I have witnessed in the spin, very little behavior from our future leader which warrants the respect of those who ARE. In his position, that matters. As a US Army Veteran, I am proud to know that in spite of that; our soldiers will continue to strive to honor that code in defense of our nation and our constitution without regard for the disgraceful example he has put forth to date. Perhaps even he can learn something from that in the years to come. I do wonder though, if this is the kind of leader “the majority has chosen”~ what are our future soldiers, the youth of our nation, learning from him (AND the adults who stoop to hate speech and hateful actions to address the concerns this election has brought forth) right now?

Today, as we Honor the memory of Martin Luther King in the light of the coming inauguration; I am left feeling like I have stepped into some bizarre parallel universe in which the minds of the People were suddenly taken over by regressive goals and intentions. It’s such an unsettling feeling that I cannot help hoping that I really missed something. That somewhere along the line, this man on the verge of controlling more than his own consumption bubble has demonstrated some respectable form of active citizenship in service of somebody else and I just missed it while I was involved in my creative pursuits. 

Once, when I was reading a really good book; I missed the fact that the washing machine was rampantly overflowing behind me and my family was excitedly dodging about the house to gather towels and stop the incessant flood. I was fourteen. Maybe it’s something like that? 

Maybe the plethora of people who voted for this man saw something valuable and merit-worthy in him that I haven’t. I have to hope that this is true because the fear that emerges the minute I think of the type of people who would condone and support the spun perspective of his take on humanity is more than daunting on the best of days. I have always seen myself as a practical yet optimistic person who generally chooses to believe the best of people. Admittedly, this is sometimes to my own detriment. 

Are The Bikers traveling to protect him from protesters  at the inaugaration protecting the Office or that man the media has spun? I respect the first, not so much the latter. [Either way, I do wish them and all who attend a safe journey and a non-violent event. I doubt it will be a peaceful transition but, I do hope that it is not the extreme event some are predicting.]

My adult children were astounded by the outcome of this election... not because of any fear of the man specifically, but by that same fear of the numbers of “the type” of person it would take to choose him. So, I had to find a way to tap into optimism to try to reassure them that most of those people pose no threat to them or the rest of our country. Unfortunately, the majority of my  words fell somewhat flat as they were based on the theory that maybe these voters were not so much voting FOR what this man stands for but, AGAINST other things that seemed more important to them at the time. Even to me, this truly sounds like a pretty weak argument when it comes to defining the priorities of the majority. 

 I am haunted by the shadow of the thought, "What if this man they have spun REALLY does represent Our Nation?" "What if the majority of our people really share this spun perspective and approve of what he is doing?" FEAR is a powerful thing. I am certain I am not the only one haunted by these thoughts. Surely, most conspiracy- worthy-doomsday- predictions from the Other Not-So-Trumpy Side are breeding on those fears? So, again, where is the truth? 

Although I know he meets the most basic qualifications to be president; this is a position which requires much more character than can be conveyed in such a definition. I am sincerely in search of the true colors of the man the supposed majority has chosen...and hoping with all my heart, for the sake of this Nation that I cherish, that he will prove worthy of the task ahead of him. Even if that majority choice was confused and convaluted by interference from outside sources (Russians in the election?) huge National Responsibilities and Power now fall upon his shoulders. May he surprise us in a GOOD way. 

In the interest of my personal need for Faith (of-the-open-eyed-varitey) in our Population, as well as, our Leader;

IF you have read, heard, watched, or witnessed stories or actions from a reliable, legitimate source which demonstrate instances in which Donald J. Trump has taken action-POSITIVE action- on behalf of a person or cause which in no way resulted in profit or benefit to himself or his “company” would you be so kind as to comment below with information to guide me to such a source. I could use a good dose of a reason to believe we will be okay with him leading the way. 

If it's out there; show me something that indicates this is an American Citizen capable of credibly representing Our Nation in the world as he objectively rules with respect for those he has pledged to serve. For becoming our leader means not only does he serve those who voted for him but, he must also live in service of those who did not. 

Are HIS the TRUE colors of Our Nation? 

[Thank you in advance for NOT posting any form of HATE Content here. I can find that anywhere.]

“Along the way of life, someone must have sense enough and morality enough to cut off the chain of hate. This can only be done by projecting the ethic of love to center of our lives.” ~Martin Luther King as quoted by Maria Popova at Brain Pickings,org.

{Image credit~ orginal art by Sheila L. Kalkbrenner based on a reference image from JewelSamad/AFP/GettyImages}

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P.S. "The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects “the freedom of speech” as well as “the right of the people peaceably to assemble.” So you have a constitutional right to demonstrate. Here’s some advice on how to exercise that right."  Know Your Rights guide that’s specific to demonstrating in D.C