War of the Roses
A quick teaser for everyone as to my plans for the next piece. (One time only! After this teaser, everything else will adhere to my Rewards system.)

After hearing about a certain English King / Duke combination, who were responsible for the War of the Roses, I decided to make my next piece about them. The power struggle and bloody civil war lasted from the mid 1450's to the late 1480's. A war that may have ended, had King Henry not recovered from his (as it turns out) temporary insanity and led Queen Margarets' forces on another attempt to destroy the Yorkists.  That is to say, he was being egged on by the Queen to do so, as he was weak willed...
For this piece I took the history of these battles, and will be attempting to capture the brutality of these parties in the scenario of hell. I will be changing all the humans into frogs for a more whimsical approach to this blood bath. Both King and Duke will be the focus of the piece.

Hope you like the concept / idea, and I plan to finish it within the month.
Thank you, and have a wonderful day!