War of the Spark Preview Card Puzzle!

Good morning everyone! It's that special time of year again, and we're very excited to bring to you our WAR preview card, courtesy of WOTC! 

What's better than Zombie hordes? Flying Zombie hordes of course. These Amass + static ability creatures look to be quite powerful, and this one in particular is going to be a force to be reckoned with in limited.

AND fortunately for us, there's also some quirky interactions to consider with puzzle-solving, so check out this week's puzzle and see if you can solve it!

Want the solution?

Just like the rest our puzzle archive, the solution is available to Patrons of all levels. The official solution for this one is available here.

Want the solution but not a Patron?

No problem! It'll also be posted free for all to see over at ChannelFireball.com on Wednesday. Mark it down in your calendar and check out if you got it right!

Thanks for checking it out, and remember to browse around here or our website at possibilitystorm.com for over 100 more puzzles from the last two years!

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