War on Consciousness


One of the central myths in most Gnostic teachings is the Fall and Redemption of Sophia—the embodied wisdom of God who, for various reasons, transgresses against the Eternal Realm, gives birth to the World of Forms (Matter; Mother), and along with humanity sets out to redeem Creation.  Her name is synonymous with “Wisdom,” “Divine Feminine,” “Shakti,” and “Great Mother.”  She is the “first idea of Creation,” the sound that carried the vibration and signature of Matter; she is the “Prima Materia” of Alchemy, the “Anima Mundi or World Soul,” and the limitless light of Kabbalah, “Ain Soph Aur.”

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Sophia was the Mother of Creation; her consort and assistant was Jehovah.  Her sacred shrine, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, is one of the seven wonders of the world.  Her symbol, the dove, represents spirit; she is crowned by stars, a Middle Eastern icon, to indicate her absolute divinity.

The saga of Sophia is the story of the soul’s adventure across infinity, as well as the perennial symbol of the triumphant return of the Divine Feminine.  

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