The war with the Procrasti Nation
The first shots rang out April 1st, 2016. They caught us off guard. We'd all been pulling 18 hour shifts getting two major videos ready to release in the same week. We were haggard and to their credit they let us enjoy our holiday; or maybe they just wanted us tired AND drunk before the strike. Bastards.

Just as we all collapsed under the relief of completion the alarm sounded. The air was suddenly thick and viscous with the droning yaw of the warning horns. But it was already too late. One moment we were surrounded, the next we were pinned to the floor. The Procrasti had invaded and won without a hint of resistance.

Four were lost that day; purely as a demonstration of the Procrati's complete power over us. One by one we watched as they dragged Royally Awesome, Sn0wmanOlaf, Tigermoto, and then kolozab into the central courtyard. And there, before our eyes, without ceremony or dignity, the Procrasti lowered their barrels onto them and... And then they... They made us watch when they...

They just ignored them for half a month without taking the time to thank them for supporting us on Patreon.