Warframe.market Overhaul: Part 1

Soon inc. presents: Overhaul \ rework \ rebuild... whatever.

The coolest part.

That freaking overhaul has reached the final stage, and now I can talk about it, and describe what it brings.

It’s still in development, so not all of the new features will be described here, just the core ones.

All screenshots are from dev-version.

So, something can be changed\renamed\corrected.

SPA and new Design.

+ Video 

Great and Powerful Single page application. (spa)

WFM will start to work on React-redux.

So it should become smoother, better, faster(?), stronger.

And we can introduce more awesome features in the future.

Consoles support

There will be 2 new subdomains for PS4 and XBOX users:



Unique, dedicated, totally separate sections for console users. 


More Languages

Yeap, now WFM will support internationalization.

Initially, there will be 2 langs:

  • en
  • ru 

That includes item-names\descriptions\etc. and UI.

There will be another post about how to contribute translations.

But this will be not an easy task.

Items statistics

I think there will be another post about how it works and what all these charts mean.

along with a video.

More Items info

Which includes:

  • Description
  • Rarity
  • Drop locations
  • Taxes
  • Ducats
  • Mastery Level
  • Image
  • Link to Wiki

Not enough, want to contribute ? 

Here we go - Repository 

Sorry, I know, it’s not a very convenient way to contribute.

But there is the possibility, that we will add some interface for this later.

More\Better Filters

They will remember your settings between sessions.

Traders reputation

Yeap, now you can like\report traders.

Explanation: Post 

Patreon Rewards.

Finally, it's will be here.

Patreon is our bread and butter, without their support, would be harder to develop WFM, if possible at all.

My personal thanks for all our Patrons!

These people really rock, and deserve special attention.

Especially early ones, who support us no matter what.

All “early” patrons, will receive these special badges, that will be shown inside their profiles and beside their avatars.

“Early”-patrons are users who contributed before update arrives.

Also, after update, all patrons will get their badge, corresponding to their tier:

Other rewards:

  • No ads.
  • Reputation \ Trust-level  boost.
  • Profile customization.
  • Unlimited number of orders. (default is limited to 100)

There will be another post about rewards and update strategy.

But in short: Patreons will be the first who receive all new stuff, later it will become available to all users.

As example, profile customizations will be available only for Patrons, but then after next update all users can use this feature and patreon will get new feature instead.

But  it is possible that some awesome stuff will be patreon-only no matter what ^^

If you think that something isn't fair, you can always discuss it with us.


Update isn’t ready yet, but close to.

Still in development, and i will report about its progress.

ETA time for release is unknown, very likely that full release will be in January.

Currently I spent all my time on this overhaul, but my resources are almost depleted.

Anyway, rework will be released, no matter what.

After this, I will switch to iteration updates.

What this means: No big updates, that take almost a year to develop, but frequent ones. (relatively)

There is still the need to implement support for Riven mods and Kubrows. (We think about an auction for that)

We still need to add more statistics, notifications, monitorings and other stuff.

Also, we almost have an android-app ready, that needs to be slightly improved and adapted to the new API.

Ps. Subscribe to our Patreon\Twitter  and track progress.

We also have Youtube Channel  , there we will publish our boring dev-videos.