Warframe.market Overhaul - Live Preview.
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Keep in mind, that version is not ready for actual use, it's just a demo. 

I set up semi-production environment on our dev-server, so, from now you can access a live dev version of the "new market".

This version will get frequent updates, until it’s  ready for final production deployment. 

That allow us to test our mini docker-swarm cluster, and also test update-flow for future production.

How to access the Preview ? 

That's simple, you just need to change your system "hosts" file, that will change the way your system resolves our warframe.market domain to the dev-server IP.

File location:

Linux: /etc/hosts

Windows: %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Windows 10: https://support.rackspace.com/how-to/modify-your-hosts-file/ 

What you need to add to the end of this file:  ps4.warframe.market xbox.warframe.market api.warframe.market warframe.market

Save the file, then go to https://warframe.market, now you should see the new site.

But, you will lose the ability to get access to current market site.

To bring all back, just comment the new line in hosts file, by putting # before the IP address.

So, you will be able to switch between live and dev site whenever you want, by simply removing\adding # symbol.

Test site links.

There is some pages with pre-generated content, so you will have idea how it can look.

Patron badge, reviews, statistics, custom Avatar and backgrounds - https://warframe.market/profile/KycKyc 

Item statistics - https://warframe.market/items/akbronco_prime_blueprint/statistics 

Who can get an access ?

Now everyone, all account which were registered before 19 of October can login into the new site.

Regards !

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