Warm fluff in trying times
Dear backers,

Thank you so much for your support! In the past few days I got more pledges, so not only am I going to post the reward for the first goal now ($50 / month), but I'm also quite close to the second one, at $75 / month (only $12 to go!)

I have been very shaken by the election results - I wrote a little bit about that on Bogi Reads the World. But I will keep on doing what I have been doing, and to demonstrate that, I posted an interview with A.C. Buchanan about their new project, the planned gender diverse pronouns issue of Capricious.  I also reviewed an Italian graphic novel recently translated to English, Golem by LRNZ.  (Bonus fascism!) And if you need to catch up on my earlier stuff, I had a roundup of the previous two weeks' posts and reviews.

I also made a Facebook page for Bogi Reads the World, you can like it and I'll do my best to crosspost the updates to there too.

+ little bonus thing: I just saw this really positive and also in-depth review  of my novelette that just came out (see earlier post - you can read it for free!), from Quick Sip Reviews.

And now


The $50 / month reward, a free short story, Good People in a Small Space. You can read it online right now!

I think I promised additional free ebooks to Patreon backers? I will do my best to send those out over the weekend.

A handful of notes:

This is a warm and fluffy science-fantasy story with a nonbinary  trans protagonist who is also poly. I think we could all use a bit of  warmth after the elections, though I actually wrote this story two  months ago when I was working on setting up my Patreon. It is about 2300  words long, so you can read it fast.

It has a brief mention of  consensual sadism, a (very non-graphic) description of painful things,  and also someone swallowing a sentient being (which the sentient being  actually appreciates).The story is set in the Eren universe like  many of my other stories, and we might see the protagonist elsewhere at a  later point, too...