Warp Door + Interview: Avoyd
It's probably a good idea that I update you lovely people with what's been happening due to your support. Firstly, Warp Door was hastily put together in its work-in-progress state about two months ago. Tim and I decided to launch it after freeindiegam.es stopped updating. So, if you aren't aware, Warp Door is posting new and old free games, as well as interesting smaller commercial games right here: http://wip.warpdoor.com/ Secondly, I've just put the first interview up on Warp Door. It's about a first-person online multiplayer shooter called Avoyd that's currently in development. The genres may not sound that exciting, but it's quite unlike anything you might be imagining - a mixture of 6DoF twitch shooter, terrain editing, and abstract geometry (it's beautiful). There should be a link to that interview somewhere around here. And that interview was possible due to the funding I got from you, so thank you very much. As the funding comes out monthly, I plan on posting at least one developer interview a month. So, if you have any requests for people you'd like me to interview, please let me know! That's all for now. Thanks once again for supporting Warp Door - it means a lot to me. Chris