Warsaw Meetup: Nocny Market (Sat, 7PM)
Location: Nocny Market
Address: Kolejowa 8/10A, 01-210 Warszawa
Time: 7PM, Saturday August 5th

Hey friends!

A bunch of folks have been asking about the Warsaw meet-up, and after some conversations with our friends at CD Projekt I found a spot I think should work.

Nocny Market (Night Market) is an old train station in the West of town that has been converted into a market selling food, drink and various knick-knacks. It's outside, has seemingly plenty of space, and a variety of things to do. I figured with the weather being good, and some folks looking to come in from out-of-town, this was probably a good choice of spot.

Myself and Jeremy will be there from 7PM and plan to stay for a good few hours. We have nothing planned for the next morning. The place closes at 1AM but we may crash a bit earlier depending on how the jet lag is (my sleep schedule has been totally messed up since we got here).

As ever we ask that folks make sure they have a way home afterwards. What's most important is that folks have a good time and get home safe.

If you have any questions about the meet-up, please put them in the comments below and I'll answer as soon as I can.

Looking forward to hanging out with all our Polish friends!