The Waruskad Species.

The Waruskad origins are unknown, but currently they reside on the planet Aikuhr along side the Surlian species. Surlians and Waruskad are enemies due to the Waruskad being an invasive species on the planet, making food more scarce for the Surlians.

The Waruskad are skilled hunters, capable of inhabiting nearly any kind of environment. They are an extremely social species, so much so that if one was to lose connection with it's family, the loneliness would cause severe stress and anxiety, often causing irrational behavior.

The pods that run along their spines glow with a soft light when they communicate, the Waruskad's only method of communication being via telepathy, an alien evolutionary trait unknown to be used by any other known species in this Multiverse.

The telepathic ability only allows for projection of thoughts, they are not mind-readers.

The glow of their antennae as they communicate is a severe disadvantage when hunting, meaning they must remain utterly silent, body and mind, when hunting. From an evolutionary point of view, the glow of the antennae should have been bred out, but in the process of courtship the Waruskad with the brightest illumination would often gain the most attention.

They are rather intelligent creatures overall, and are quick learners, but lack any technological advantage. They roam in packs of anywhere between ten to twenty members, and often mingle with other packs for social purposes and crude games.