Wassup it's me: Gary G. Goldstein,
I'm live from whatever commercial warehouse I got locked into.  I thought this was where my hombres that I don't actually know grow pot, but instead it was just a normal warehouse, so now I'm posted up with no way out and my phone is charged up.  Hopefully this won't take too long.  Basically I'm going to use this Patreon as a Twitter.  My Facebook will remain my main point of attack on the interwebs.  I figured this was a weird next step for social media, since I promised myself I wouldn't create an Instagram or Tweeter until I maxed out at 5,000 friends - that is also when I plan on dropping my mixtape album of hip hop angsty noise.  Greatness exists in those who work hard and work well.  I'm reading a book about a 26 year WWII soldier who went to school at Williams and Oxford and Yale through the GI Bill following the war. It's pretty good.  My homie said his writing is a bit spastic and this might be true.  Stay melo my friends