Wasted in Wonderland - Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

by S. Didi Solomon

The chapters of this story follow the Tome of Temptations storyline (the original, main animation series) — continuing from where that story left off.

CHAPTER 1 - Rude Awakenings

Sara Slane, The Stone Sorceress

When Sara opened her eyes, the whole world wobbled slightly.

She giggled; it had been ages since she’d woken up this stoned.  She’d forgotten how much she liked it.

As usual when she was high, everything around her seemed especially sharp and clear.  The sun dazzled golden yellow, shining down warmly on her lean body.  The grass and trees were so verdant that she could almost taste the green.   A cool breeze prickled goosebumps on her naked skin.

The air smelled of spring and flowers in bloom with a faint hint of pleasure weed—though that final scent might have come from her hair, too. Had she and Stoney smoked that much last night?

Oddly, she was having trouble remembering.

As Stone Sorceress, Sara Slane was accustomed to altered states of consciousness, though usually such pleasurable excursions didn’t affect her memory.

The lovely hilltop clearing around her blurred as she took a deep breath, and everything spun in dizzy circles.

Sara closed her eyes, caught between enjoying the psychedelic afterglow and trying to concentrate.

She’d had such odd dreams last night—some sexy and wonderful, some strange and scary.  Demons…  Pirates… Giants … and all sorts of other things as well, and (of course) plenty of sex!

Or were those dreams?

It was so hard to tell in her line of business.  Dreams tended to meld with visions, and both swirled together with reality.  It became difficult to separate one from the others at times—especially while under the influence of magic and mind-expanding herbs and tantric orgasms.

Saving people (and occasionally the whole World-Sea) using sex magic was not an undertaking for the faint of heart.  It required not only a love of spells and a wide variety of sexual practices, but also a keen understanding of transcendent states and the ability to “work” (that is, fuck) while experiencing those altered states.

Which is, after all, why she’d been picked for the job… she and Stoney.

The thought of her stone golem lover brought a warm glow to Sara’s heart, and a soft tingling to her neatly trimmed pussy.  How many adventures—sexual and otherwise—the two of them had shared!

“Stoney…?” she called, not opening her eyes lest reality swim away in a shower of glittering sparks.

He didn’t answer.

That’s odd, Sara thought.  The two of them did everything together.  She couldn’t remember the last time she’d woken up alone.  Probably he’s just gone to the bathroom.

She felt sure he’d be back in a moment.  The master bath was right next to the bedroom in their tower, and…

Sara opened her eyes again, startled.  The world still wobbled drunkenly.  She wasn’t at their home in the Tower of Sorcery.

“Where am I?”

She found herself lying naked in the middle of that previously glimpsed hilltop clearing, surrounded by green grass, blooming flowers, and a few medium-sized mature trees—live oaks, she thought.

She giggled again, enjoying the sensation of laughter.  The world giggled back at her.  (Though probably that was just an echo—or a hallucination.)


Around her, the hill fell away into a misty landscape of forested hills and hidden middle distances.  Sara sat up and looked around, feeling slightly dizzy. Far away, purple mountains loomed out of the haze.  And did the noonday sky look slightly… pink?

That didn’t seem normal.

Spotted mushrooms of various shapes, sizes, and colors poked their penis-like heads up through the soft, lush grass.  This hilltop would have been a wonderful spot for a picnic.  It was all quite lovely.  Perfect.  Except...

No sign of Stoney.

Or their tower.

Or any landscape that Sara recognized as belonging to the Land of Lustoria.

Where was she, indeed?  And how did she get here?

What’s the last thing you remember…? she wondered.

Sara concentrated, her sorcery-trained mind peering through the fog of the pleasant high still suffusing her brain.


A world-shattering series of climaxes came back clearly to her—the kind of cumming that one only achieved through tantric magic of the highest order… Sorcerous orgasms—the memory of them almost as sharp as the reality…

Her body trembling… Sweat beading on her belly, breasts, and loins… Her skin tingling… The fires of ecstasy spreading from her clitoris and the depths of her vagina through her whole body… Her womb contracting, pulsing… The electricity of sexual climax shooting up her spine again and again, lighting up her brain with the power of a thunderstorm.

Sara smiled and shuddered pleasurably at the memories, her pussy tingling and slightly wet again. Her nipples hardened.

This was why she’d agreed to become the Stone Sorceress.

To save the world while getting laid… What could be better?

But what had happened after that orgasm… and what had come just before it? How did she come to be here?


She remembered them now… Sinuous tendrils wrapping around her nude form… penetrating her available orifices… her pussy… her asshole… her mouth… Stinging her… filling her body with their intoxicating venom...

That was the monster she’d been facing—the creature sealed within the cave by someone else… a fake Stone Sorceress… Who?

Sara and Stoney hadn’t had time to figure out who had been impersonating her; saving the girls that the tentacle-thing had put into enchanted sleep had been the couple’s priority—that and, of course, banishing the monster.

Nothing worse than a creature who took sexual advantage of hapless (and often helpless) mundane humans!

Yes, there could be “bad sex”—but it was the Stone Sorceress’ job to stop unkind advances, and transform bad sex into good.

And she’d done it. (Naturally!)

Her orgasm while under the tentacle-monster’s influence (along with the magical spunk Stoney had administered to the girls) had shattered the thing’s hold on the villagers and banished it back to whatever nether-realm it came from.

But in its wake, the monster had left something behind…

Yes, it had left aches in her well-used pussy, ass, and mouth, of course, but something else, too...

“A book?” Sara mused aloud, remembering.

Something giggled, and this time Sara felt pretty sure that it wasn’t her.  She looked around, but her eyes were still having trouble focusing; she could find no sign of the furtive chuckler.

“Stoney?” she called again, though the laughing voice had sounded much higher than her lover’s.


Something bumped into Sara’s shoulder, from behind.  She wheeled.


Something bumped into the soft flesh of her rump. And again!  Bump!

Once more, the giggling.  Again Sara turned, but saw nothing—nothing save a purplish blur flitting away into the leafy trees.

A bird or butterfly?

Bump! Bump! Bump!

Her shoulder, and her knee, and her butt again—this time very close to her asshole.

Sara wheeled so quickly that she almost fell over.

“Hey!” she called, tipsily struggling to keep her feet.  “No fair groping a girl without asking—especially not from behind! If you want to play, come out!  I don’t bite!”

Usually, she added in an afterthought.

Then something struck the back of both her knees simultaneously, and—“Oof!”—she fell, landing hard on her backside.

“Ouch!  Hey!” she cried.

And then something was brushing between her breasts, fluttering... featherlike…

And something else was stroking up her thigh swiftly, heading for her crotch… tickling…

Sara slammed her legs shut, sending the flying thigh-rubbing creature flitting away.

She swatted the thing molesting her boobs, hard, and watched it spin awkwardly toward the trees.  Only then did she get a clear view of what was “attacking” her:

“Flying dildoes?  What the fuck?!”

Two slightly oversized penises, both with white dove-like wings growing from right in front of their dangling balls, whirled around her, like honey bees circling a flower.  One was bright red, the other purple; both appeared stiff and ready for action.

Sara rose, keeping a keen eye on the eager boners fluttering nearby.


Another assault on her rear, this one making her recently reamed asshole ache as the intruder tried to nose his way in.

“Another one?” Sara asked, surprised.  “How many of you guys are there?”

She turned slowly, concentrating on keeping the world steady so as not to fall again, trying to get a sense for how many turgid foes she might be facing.  As she wheeled, she moved her arms and hands across her body in patterns designed to summon up a simple warding spell.

Oddly, she didn’t feel the familiar warmth of the protective magic, but she did count six or eight of the dove-like dildoes—green, red, blue, yellow… all the colors of the rainbow.

Bump!  Bump!  Bump!

Knee… Butt… Right breast...


The warding hadn’t worked.  Was she still that stoned?

The dildoes circled in on her, each looking for an opportunity—an opening to fill.

Sildo!” she intoned… but the magic shield didn’t materialize.


A dildo rammed into her butt, again seeking her asshole.

“Ouch!  Hey!  Sildo kuat!”

Still no shield, so she kicked the invader away.

“Watch it!  Be—Mmmf!”

She spat out the green dildo that had jammed itself into her mouth.

“Be polite, you cocks!”

Only more giggling and attempted penetrations came in reply.

Nebet nebet lindu kuat!” she called, reaching for even more powerful magic.

But no super-strong enchanted shield sprang up in response to Sara’s latest incantation, either.

Clearly, the lingering poisons of the tentacle monster were affecting her spell-casting abilities.

And the flying dildoes were getting really annoying now!

Or… were they?

I’m going about this all wrong, Sara realized.

Smiling, she deftly plucked two of the winged dildoes—a red one and a blue one—out of the air.  She laughed.

“It shouldn't take a Stone Sorceress to realize, that if you can’t beat them off… beat them off!”

And with that, she began rhythmically masturbating the multicolored members.

The disembodied penises quivered with excitement.

Slowly, methodically, Sara ran her smooth hands up and down the rigid shafts.  As the dildoes swelled and stiffened even further, she increased her pace, tightening her grip and stroking faster.

Her skillful fingers traveled from base to tip and back, pausing occasionally to cup and fondle each creature’s balls.

The rest of the flying penises circled excitedly, bumping into the sorceress’ soft flesh with ever increasing vigor.

“Take it easy!” she called with a laugh.  “There’s plenty of me to go around!”

And with that she plopped down on the cool, green grass again, still stroking the twin turgid members in her hands.

Sara squirmed a little, getting her ass comfortable on the ground.  Her pussy moistened, and her skin tingled with anticipation of what was to come.

She’d indulged in more than a few orgies in her life, but usually the cocks had men (or something similar) attached to them.

Sara grinned. New sexual experiences were life’s blood to the Stone Sorceress.

No sooner had she settled herself, than the six remaining dildoes swarmed in on her, bumping into her thighs, her breasts, trying to slip themselves into her mouth or force open her legs.

“Patience, my little loves!  I’m almost ready for you!”

Sara’s skin flushed with excitement, and her breath came in short gasps.  This was going to be fun!

As she opened her legs, moisture leaked from her pussy lips onto the grass.  She felt her warm outer lips part, revealing the glistening labia minora within.  The musky scent of her ardor filled the pleasant, morning air.  Her clitoris swelled, and Sara’s slick inner lips gaped slightly, ready to fuck.

Her love box didn’t have long to wait.

As one, the six unoccupied dildoes stampeded through the air toward her dripping snatch.


All of them collided in a jumbled mass between her inner thighs.  The multi-colored penises tumbled to the ground, writhing and fluttering, competing to reach their goal.

Sara laughed.  “No need to fight!  You’ll each get your turn!  And I have other body parts to satisfy you, too, you know!”

The giggling in the clearing increased, as the six dildos on the ground continued squabbling and flitting about, like grounded birds.

With a chuckle, Sara popped the red dildo from her hand into her mouth and began sucking on it.  The dildo wiggled joyously, thrusting into her cheeks and trying to find her throat as she manipulated it with her tongue.

As she enjoyed the penis dancing in her mouth, Sara plucked the white cock from the squirming cluster on the ground and began jerking it off, like she was still doing to the blue prick.

Removing the white dildo from the combatants seemed to break the tumultuous log jam.

The purple penis broke through and flew straight into her quim.

Sara gasped, and her clitoris shuddered as the violet victor thrust into her moist and willing vagina.  She tightened her pelvic muscles to increase both the friction and the erotic tug the penetration put on the hood of her clit.

In and out the purple cock slid, trying to thrust even farther, seeking the deepest recesses of Sara’s love box.

But the Stone Sorceress wasn’t about to let it reach her cervix yet.  She wanted to stretch out her pleasure, enjoy every moment of this little orgy.  Already she’d forgotten the aches of her previous encounter with the tentacles. Her well-used holes thrilled at this new sexual contact.

I love being me!

Sara’s eyes, normally blue (or purple when stoned) gleamed green with lust.  Her hot hole dripped, sopping wet now. She continued willing her cunt to tightness, increasing the friction on her clit with every thrust.

The purple cock backed out, apparently hoping to get a flying start at penetrating all the way to her cervix.

As her pussy gaped for a moment, though, the black cock rushed in to fill it. Then when blackie pulled back too far, the green one jumped in, and then the orange, and then the yellow…

Cock after cock filled her shuddering quim as Sara’s clit swelled and stiffened.  Her body tingled, as if afire, and sweat beaded on her smooth, pale skin.

Will they cum? she wondered.  Can they? What’s the use of these fine, fat balls if they don’t?

Sara writhed as the fucking continued, fast and vigorous.

The cocks were getting even more excited now; they kept trying to shove each other out of the way so they could pound her pussy.  As the black backed out momentarily, the green and the yellow collided, both trying to push past her labia majora and into her now-practically-steaming honeypot.

“Easy!  One at a time!” Sara managed to say around the cock in her mouth.

Then she yelped, as green and yellow kept stabbing at her labia and—suddenly— both squeezed inside her.

“Ha ha!” she laughed.  “Or maybe two!”

As she laughed, though, the red penis in her mouth tried to find her throat.

Sara let it, savoring the faintly sweet, slightly spunky taste of the shaft as it ran over her tongue.  The cock head penetrated past her tonsils, and she sucked it deep.  The flying phallus’ balls rammed hard into her chin; its wings tickled her cheeks.

It tried to pull back, but she kept sucking, only letting the crimson phallus withdraw a few inches before permitting it to ram back in.

The sensation of two cocks thrusting into her vagina at once filled Sara’s cunt completely.  She relaxed her pussy muscles and just let them go, thrusting as hard as they wanted.

The remaining dildoes bashed into the fucking pair, trying to get past their “brothers.”

I need more, Sara realized.  I have to handle them all at once!

As she continued sucking the red, and letting the green and yellow fuck her, she deftly tucked the white dildo between her left breast and her armpit, letting it hump her there.

With her newly free hand, she withdrew the red cock from her mouth.


“I think you’re lubed up enough for a new job,” she declared.

With that she reclined onto her back and, before the other flying penises could realize that a new opening had become available, she stuffed the red member into her asshole.

The crimson creature seemed almost to hum as it happily humped her rump.

Sara grabbed the black and orange dildos, which had been trying to replace the green and yellow, but had found no room to squeeze in.  The black she tucked between her right armpit and breast; the orange she kept in her right hand, and began jerking it off.

Now her plan was nearly complete.  She had black and white dildos tit-pit fucking her, orange and blue in her grip, red reaming her asshole, and yellow and green filling her cunt.

“One opening left!” she announced with a smile, and then opened her mouth wide.

Immediately the violet dildo—the only flying penis unoccupied—sped upward from futilely flitting between her thighs, trying to squeeze in with green and yellow.

Sara shuddered with pleasure as the dildo’s purple head thrust past her eager lips.  She savored the salty-sweet taste of her own pussy on the shaft as the cock thrust toward the back of her throat.  She hummed with delight as it moved in and out, in and out, alternating between tickling her tonsils and then bulging out first one cheek and then the other.

The Stone Sorceress closed her eyes and let the sensations of utmost pleasure wash over her.  Her nipples grew rock hard, and her clit throbbed as though it were going to burst.  Pussy juice flowed out of her in streams, running down her butt and further lubricating her asshole for the red member’s assault.

Flying cocks thrust into every part of her—pits, tits, hands, mouth, ass, and pussy—double pussy!  The green and yellow members pounded into her gushing quim together, tugging on engorged labia big and small, slamming into her cervix, again and again, driving her clitoris wild.

Sara felt the power of all this wild sex running through her.  She tightened her grip on all the phalluses, clenching her muscles, especially those in her full-nearly-to-bursting vagina.

Her sore, raw tongue tasted the first drops of salty-sweet pre-cum on the purple prick thrusting into her throat.

Electric fire built within every inch of the sorceress’ slender body.

Cum NOW! she thought, making it a command as well as a desperate cry for release.

The flying cocks came.

They came like gushers, filling her vagina and asshole. The ones in her hands and arms splattered her from head to foot with hot spunk. The purple one flooded her throat with sweet, almost syrupy goo.  The flying phallus semen tasted like nectar and burned like honeyed alcohol.

Sara swallowed every drop of the flying cock cum as her own orgasm rushed over her.  Her climax came on like lighting and exploded like fireworks.  The whole world filled with swirling, ringing sounds and the unstoppable roar of a titanic waterfall.

All of eternity burst into bright, white light.

And in the center of that light, Sara found her spell…

She wound the magic around the dildoes, draining all the sexual energy from them—sucking out every last drop of jizz in their swollen balls and using the enchantment to fill each of the eight-inch creatures with a feeling of total satisfaction.

Usually, this would be the point in the spell when she would vanquish the monster to its home dimension, but—somehow—her heart told Sara that these frisky little creatures, strange as they might seem, belonged here.  (Wherever here was.)

As the roaring in her brain subsided and the lusty fires in her body died away, Sara opened her eyes, sat up, and looked around.

All about, the flying dildos lay spent, moving not even a flutter.

Sara sighed with satisfaction.  “Surrounded by limp dicks again.  Story of my life!”

She stood up, and as she did so, rivers of cum ran out of her exhausted holes.

She dipped a finger into the spooge.

Mmmm!  Sweet!  But I could really use something more solid to eat.”

She called up the proper spell for a bit of bread and water but, oddly, it didn’t work.

“Shit,” she mumbled.  “Why are some of my spells going wrong?”

She tried another, and a waterskin appeared—but with no water in it.

Sara frowned as she looked at her cum-covered body.  Then she conjured up a scraper and a small funnel, which appeared instantly, without any trouble.


It took a bit of work, but she managed to collect most of the sticky-sweet semen and funnel it into the waterskin.

“At least I’ll have something to tide me over until I find some proper food and drink,” she mused.

Something giggled.

Sara looked around, but saw only spent penises.  Could a cock giggle in its sleep?

A puzzle for another day, she decided.

Right now, she needed to find some actual food—and maybe somewhere to take a bath. Being covered in cum remnants was fun, but it was awfully sticky.

Humming happily to herself (and still feeling more than a little tipsy), Sara walked away from the exhausted cocks and downhill to wherever this unexpected journey might take her.


The Stone Sorceress didn’t notice the pair of tiny eyes that watched her carefully as she walked away from the clearing—eyes that had enjoyed every moment of her orgy with the flying dildos.

The diminutive winged creature that belonged to those eyes smiled.

Things were going so well so far!

Wouldn’t the boss be happy!

Giggling with delight, the wicked little imp flitted after the Stone Sorceress.

There would be so much more fun to come!


...Where will Sara go and who will she meet next?  A tempting tomb raider?  A hungry dragon?  A horny hologram?  A super-sexy hero?  A friendly unicorn?  Someone else?  In this strange wonderland, anything is possible! You, our Patrons, will make suggestions and help decide!

NEXT MONTH: Stoney gets into action as the search for Sara begins!

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