Watch 'em burn.
Hello, good day! I wanted to take this time to reveal another human enemy for Innocence, Always

This is Bob (Bob is short for Beelzebob, and don't laugh, he may burn everything you own while you're sitting on top of it).

Bob is an extremely disturbed local who takes pleasure in watching living beings suffer. It doesn't matter if it's a defenseless little ant, or another human being. He thrives in destruction and death. Bob soon realizes getting caught in his craft can be detrimental. The carnage is ironic, really. 

Oh! I also wanted to add that I have been working on a gameplay trailer for Innocence, Always in my off time (which doesn't seem to be much lately, but I'm doing the best I can).  I will hopefully have it up soon! I'll definitely keep you posted.

Have a fantastically weird day,