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Director: Michael Tiddes Writers: Rick Alvarez, Marlon Wayans Stars: Jane Seymour, Marlon Wayans . Fifty Shades of Black is a 2016 American comedy film directed by Michael Tiddes and starring Marlon Wayans, who also co-wrote and co-produced the film. Get ready for an erotic spoof comedy as Fifty Shades . From Marlon Wayans, and the director of "A Haunted House,” “Fifty Shades Of Black” is an outrageous comedy starring Marlon Wayans in the role of Mr . Fifty Shades of Black was released in North America on January 29, 2016, alongside Kung Fu Panda 3, The Finest Hours, and Jane Got a Gun. A parody of the popular film/novel 50 Shades of Gray. Starring Marlon Wayans, Kali Hawk, Affion Crockett, Jane Seymour, Florence Henderson, Jenny . Fifty Shades of Black movie info - movie times, trailers, reviews, tickets, actors and more on Fandango. Starring: Marlon Wayans, Kali Hawk, Fred Willard; Director: Michael Tiddes; Release Date: 01/29/2016; Runtime (in . At a minimum, a parody should be funnier than the film it’s sending up, but “Fifty Shades of Black,” a quick-and-dirty riff on last year’s S&M . Fifty Shades of Black in US theaters January 29, 2016 starring Marlon Wayans, Jane Seymour, Kali Hawk, Mike Epps. Fifty Shades of Black spoofs its way into theaters on January 29, 2016 +.

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