Watch the first "Mythica" film with me!
Hello dear friends!

We're going to attempt our first group viewing (via Google hangout) of a film together. Keeping it simple to start things off, TOMORROW (Saturday, April 30) at 8am PST (to account for Patrons worldwide) we'll sit down together and laugh and share stories while we view "Mythica: A Quest for Heroes." 

Have questions or comments about specific scenes? Now's the time to ask! Make sure you sign up for Patreon now to join the fun if you haven't already! 

This will be the first (of many) such  viewings, so here's hoping for as few hiccups as possible. Wish us luck! Hope to see you all there :)

I'll be sending out an unlisted link to active Patrons as soon as we're up and running. See you tomorrow!