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Watch With Jen - S2: E34 - Pacino in the '70s with S.A. Cosby

Aug 27, 2021

This week, I was so excited to welcome back my friend, author S.A. Cosby, who I'm fortunate to know well enough to call Shawn. 

An Anthony award-winning writer from southeastern Virginia, with My Darkest Prayer and Brotherhood of the Blade already under his belt, last year, Shawn burst onto the scene with his multiple award-winning breakthrough hit Blacktop Wasteland, which drew raves from Stephen King and Harlan Coben, among others. This summer, he released his acclaimed bestselling follow-up Razorblade Tears, which was one of the books selected as a potential Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Summer Read.

As a fellow Godfather obsessive, I was thrilled when Shawn suggested exploring the career of Al Pacino in the '70s in today's episode. Delving into not only the Godfather series but also taking a closer look at two extraordinary films by Sidney Lumet - Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon - in this nearly two-hour episode, we discussed these works as well as the relative newcomer actor's rise to fame as one of the greatest character actors of his generation.

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