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Watching the dance
Over the wormhole, see them play
Thistledown ships that drift away
Take your places, whirl and dart,
Kiss and touch and then depart.

Shipping out on the early runs
To distant worlds round distant suns
Skipping, skimming, out and in,
With matchless verve let the dance begin!

Dancing ships at the wormhole's bight
Light as leaf and fast as light
One instant poised, then gone so far
To the very edge of where humans are.

Catching their moment, never late,
While we, on station, staidly wait,
Timing the frolic, keeping neat,
Scheduling every ship, each beat.

Salute your partners! Flick and fly!
We count you off as you pass us by,
Appointing your motions, fast and slow,
Under changeless stars, as we watch you go.